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7 Ways to Earn Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin Without Trading




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Making money is usually not easy, as one has to render one form of service or the other before cash can come. The same is true for cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies were designed to be bought and sold on crypto exchanges. However, there are other legit ways one can easily earn or acquire bitcoin or altcoins without trading on exchanges. Some of them include:

Affiliate programs

If you can’t trade bitcoin on exchanges, you can join affiliate programs that allow you to earn the crypto coin. How does this work? You simply register on the site that enables you to promote their products to friends, family, and colleagues. Get their referral links and share them with your friends. Once those friends click on the links to take action, you get a commission on what they buy or subscriptions they make.

Examples of such affiliate programs include Trading and Investment affiliate programs (Crypto Trader), Advertising networks (A-Ads program), Exchanges Affiliate programs (, Coinbase, and SimpleFX), Crypto Wallet (Ledger wallet, Spectrocoin, and Trezor)

Bitcoin lending

Bitcoin lending platforms enable you to create an account and borrow bitcoins for yourself. They are transparent, and once you can fulfill the terms and conditions of the site, you are good to go. At the end of meeting your loan requirements, you can now own some bitcoins.

Some of the platforms where you can easily participate in bitcoin lending include Unchained Capital, BTCPOP, and Poloniex.

Enjoy Gambling while you earn bitcoin

Gambling is another way to earn bitcoin online. With this, you can enjoy playing your favorite games while you also earn bitcoin doing so. Play your Blackjack, Video Poker, Roulette, Craps, Caraycruz, or any other games and make some bitcoin when you win.

When you emerge a winner, you are sure of bitcoin without paying. So, why waste your gambling skills when they can give you a portfolio of bitcoin? Well, here are a few sites where you can gamble and earn bitcoins at the end: Mega Dice, Bitsler,   FreeBitco, and several others.

Writing/Freelancing and getting paid in crypto

Are you good at writing or freelancing? Do you know you can become rich in bitcoin only by writing for sites where they settle in bitcoin? Some high-profile sites exist where you can leverage to build a portfolio of cryptocurrency. Instead of accepting money for your services on such websites, you get paid in crypto. With this, it is easier and faster to earn crypto without ever having to create a profile and be verified on crypto exchanges.

While various sites offer you this golden opportunity, we shall talk about a few of them here, and they include XBTC Freelancer, r/Jobs4Bitcoins, Coinality, and Crypto Jobs,

HYIPs but with high risk

High Yield Investment Programs offer an opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies. These programs promise to make you rich in a very short time. While some are tested and proven to pay as promised, a lot of them are fraudulent and can make gullible persons quickly lose their hard-earned incomes.

Usually, these programs are mostly Ponzi schemes, and participants can make profits at an early stage. But as soon as a lot of people enroll in them, saturation sets in and the payment becomes difficult. If you are lucky to have the reliable HYIPs, you can quickly build your crypto portfolio without having anything to do with crypto exchanges. Before investing in these programs, however, it is advisable to do your due research.

Nevertheless, a list of some bitcoin HYIPs includes Crypto Bank, HYIP Factory, Bitcoins4Ever, Crypto Harbor, etc.

One reason why it is risky to invest in this type of scheme is that they can quickly disappear at any time. Once they run into financial difficulty and are unable to pay the users, the sites are immediately taken down.

Mining your way to crypto wealth

Though crypto mining requires a lot of money to make a massive return on investment, mining pools exist where you are allowed to make minimum investments. Do you detest crypto exchanges? Then, one of your best bets is to use mining pools. These are groups of cooperating miners who invest and share their block rewards based on the amount you put in.

The beauty of mining pools is that you can invest small amounts if you are not financially buoyant. When profit is made, you receive a reward according to what you have put in. Even if your earnings are not huge at a time, at least, you have an opportunity to earn crypto. With consistency, you can grow your investment into a big portfolio.

Some of the mining pools you can invest in include Slush Pool, F2Pool, 58Coin, Bit Fury, 21 Inc, Eligius, BTCC Mining Pool,


Airdrop is a free sharing or distribution of cryptocurrency coin or token. They are mainly intended to enable the distributor to gain publicity and acquire new followers. Participating in airdrops help you get free tokens or coins, which, when gathered, could become significant in the long run. The free tokens can also increase in value as the crypto gain popularity.

You don’t have to break a sweat before you can earn crypto. Besides, trading crypto on exchanges are not the only means through which you can become a legitimate holder of cryptocurrency. You make use of platforms we have mentioned above to build your crypto portfolio.

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