Aion Network Rolls Out First Blockchain Virtual Machine on Java




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Aion is a nonprofit firm that aims to rebuild an internet that puts users first by using the blockchain. The firm has announced the launch of a new virtual machine that runs on the renowned Java Virtual Machine (JVM). This launch has introduced the first blockchain virtual machine to Java developers.

According to a report, the Aion Virtual Machine (AVM) is not a variation or a rewrite of the underlying JVM. The publication notes that it is an additional software layer that can interact with the JVM while developers create decentralized applications (Dapps) and smart contracts on it.

Why Use Java?

Java offers a secure, transparent, scalable, and easily deployable environment. This makes it suitable for developers that are not used to the crypto space. On top of this, it aligns with Aion’s mission, which encourages widespread use of the blockchain.

According to Matthew Spoke, Aion’s CEO, Java is a commonly used language. He hopes that using Java will help Aion bypass the lack of developer tools, a leading barrier to the mass adoption of the blockchain.

The firm’s spokesperson said,

We made the strategic decision to leave the JVM intact so we could fully leverage the mature ecosystem around it. Leaning on a hardened language like Java was crucial since a major obstacle for a business interested in Blockchain is the cost and time needed to train their teams on unfamiliar frameworks, languages, and tools.

In an interview, Spoke stated that,

Rather than trying to convince people of the merits of a new system, can we just get the system they’re already familiar with on top of the blockchain? So we started engineering towards that solution. And we’ve been working on that since for about a year at this point, leading up to our release this week to prove that we can solve that problem,

Aion Shifts Attention from Crypto to Blockchain

In the interview, spoke added that,

Our big focus now is how do we take this message of building blockchain apps and take it into a more traditional software industry audience. Instead of trying to compete for the attention of crypto developers, we want the blockchain to become almost a micro service layer to what normal software developers are solving on a day-to-day basis,

Seeing that developer teams need training on blockchain-related topics, Aion offers blockchain education. This service is accessible through Aion Learn and Aion University. The learning network comprises engineers, academics, designers and entrepreneurs. It offers a list of developer tools and templates. Also, it provides mobile APIs and software development kits. 

AION, the network’s native coin facilitates the transaction fees for miners. According to data from Coinmarketcap, the coin has a market cap of $60,495,358 and is trading at $0.1956 at the time of writing.

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