Amazon Web Services Announces General Availability of Amazon Quantum Ledger Database




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AWS announces the availability of Amazon QLDB

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has availed the Amazon quantum ledger database (QLDB) to the general public. The firm announced this news on September 10 via an official post.

Per the post, Amazon QLDB is a new class of database that offers a transparent, immutable, and cryptographically-verified transaction log. The firm noted that a central trusted entity would hold this log. It would then share it with a number of other firms that are working together.

According to the publication, Amazon QLDB would save its users the trouble of creating their ledger-like apps. On top of this, it would also eliminate the need for relying on the abilities of a blockchain framework. On top of this, the database would ensure data correctness by preventing changes and deletions to the data’s history.

While the firm availed Amazon QLDB for general use, the database is available in a few areas for now. These are Ireland, Tokyo, Ohio, N. Virginia, and Oregon. The firm noted that it was working on availing the database in other areas.

AWS Has Been Using A QLDB-like System for Years

AWS’ VP, Shawn Bice unveiled that AWS has been using a version of Amazon QLDB for several years now. He noted that the firm had been using the database to store data for its key systems. Bice added that the firm had benefitted from being able to access an unchanging history of changes. He further cited that the firm decided to avail Amazon QLDB following increasing demand from its customers.

According to him, using Amazon QLDB would help the firm’s customers keep track of credit and debit card transactions. The customers would also be in a position to verify data between supply chain systems to track to the manufacturing history of products.

This news comes as Amazon continues showing its interest in the blockchain sector. A report revealed that the retail firm was planning to hire a software development engineer. This engineer would reportedly create a blockchain for ads. According to the publication, this move is part of the retail firm’s plan to expand its advertisement business.

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