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Bitcoin Cash Developer Amaury Sechet Claims He’s Satoshi Nakamoto, Was He Really Being Serious Crypto Heroes

Amaury Sechet, a Bitcoin Cash developer, claimed last Friday that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin.

Last week, a Bitcoin Cash developer Amaury Sechet claimed in a Tweet that he was the famed founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Satoshi Nakamoto’s true identity, however, still remains a mystery. Several famous figures in the crypto world have laid claim to that name over the years.

The latest to make a claim is no other than Bitcoin Cash developer, Amaury Sechet, who, in a follow-up tweet, provided some clues allegedly proving that he is indeed Satoshi.

There have been doubts over the authenticity of his claims, but he confidently claimed, in a tweet from a few hours ago, that those with doubts “will learn (the truth).”

Sechet not the first to claim to be Satoshi

Sechet is not the first person in the crypto community claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto. In December 2015, Craig Wright, an Australian entrepreneur and cryptocurrency investor, contended that he is Satoshi Nakamoto.

Nick Szabo, who has been linked to the Bitcoin whitepaper, is also assumed to be Satoshi. Szabo is a long-time decentralized currency philosopher. He published a paper entitled “Bit Gold” which many consider to be the precursor to Bitcoin. He has since denied being Satoshi, but some in the crypto community still believe he is.

The most obvious name connected to Satoshi is Dorian Nakamoto. In March 2014, Leah McGrath published an article in Newsweek, claiming Dorian Nakamoto, a Japanese American man living in California, is Satoshi Nakamoto. McGrath presented evidence to prove that Dorian is Satoshi. However, Dorian came out publicly to deny those claims.

As for those who claimed the identity themselves, a Stack Exchange post by Bitcoin Core developer Gregory Maxwell, in November last year, explained that faking Satoshi’s identity is easier than most people think.

In the post, Maxwell said, “So, for example, a couple of years ago Craig Wright claimed to ‘prove he was Satoshi’ by simply copying some pre-existing signatures out of the blockchain and posting somewhat obfuscated instructions on verifying them. It was figured out pretty quickly, but still managed to fool a lot of people– they were too caught up in the mumbo-jumbo to think of the obvious.”

There is a hypothesis by Bitcoiners claiming that the National Security Agency (NSA) or another US government agency is the proponent behind Satoshi Nakamoto. Other names that have been connected to Satoshi Nakamoto over the past few years including; Hal Finney, John Nash, Vili Lehdonvirta, Shinichi Mochizuki, Michael Clear, Neal King, and Wei Dai.

Whether or not Amaury Sechet is the real Satoshi Nakamoto is still up for debate. What is known at this point is that there is no certainty – the identity of Bitcoin’s founder remains a mystery to the crypto community.

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