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Point-of-Sale Platform Anypay Adds Full Bitcoin Cash Support Crypto Heroes

Anypay has fully integrated Bitcoin Cash on its point-of-sale platform. This latest development will enable Anypay platform users to accept BCH at their store using a tablet, mobile device or desktop.

BCH now fully supported by Anypay

The founder of the cryptocurrency platform Derrick Freeman has revealed to the crypto community that Anypay now fully supports BCH payment on its platform. The company initially announced support for the cryptocurrency in November 2017. However, the platform had a few issues with BCH payment, and it was available alternately for a year.

Starting January 31, BCH has been added to the list of supported coins by Anypay. The crypto now joins the likes of LTC, DASH, BTC, DOGE, ZEC, XRP, and ZEN on the platform. In a recent blog post, Freeman stated that he was confident Anypay would pay attention to Bitcoin Cash. He revealed his admiration for the cryptocurrency due to features such as spendability, low fees, and the ease of use.

“We knew we would come back to it, someday, to treat it right — to give it the beautiful, easy to use, and ideologically pure point of sale app it deserves,” Freeman added.

The company stated that “And finally, it is done and BCH is now fully supported on Anypay — Go ahead and try it. You will be amazed at how fast your payment arrives in your wallet. Your eyes will well up at the beauty and simplicity of the experience — You will see God.”

No ID needed and simple setup

Anypay Global’s application has integrated Cointext into the system. This will enable users who pay an Anypay invoice with Bitcoin Cash to just text the payment via SMS. Users could make a payment without an internet connection and can also use a Nokia style feature phone without web services.

Furthermore, with Anypay, people with BCH address can accept the cryptocurrency in a noncustodial manner as the funds are in the custody of the merchant. And, the platform has no access to user private keys as the PoS system makes use of an anchored public address.

Also, Freeman explained in his announcement that “You can approach any business, and in minutes have them accepting multiple cryptocurrencies on their store iPad, Android tablet, mobile, or desktop — totally free, without IDs, and without any complicated setup.”

Finally, this latest development has caused some excitement amongst BCH supporters on social media. And, the community lauded Freeman’s honesty and opinion about the cryptocurrency. Following the recent hardfork, he was quoted as saying “[Bitcoin Cash] shed its fat, ugly layer of loser nobodies who were frantically buying up as many digital tokens as they could, getting high off the rush from their imaginations of lambos and yachts and get-rich-quick easy money.”

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