Bitcoin drops below $4500, altcoins bear drastic losses




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Bitcoin drop news November 2018 Crypto Heroes

Bitcoin price has crossed the new level, having dropped from $5,500 to less than $4,500 in only 36 hours. This makes up -15% change in 24 hours.

BTC seemed to stabilize as it’s been holding on the same level for almost a week since its last fall on November 14th, but now its price shows almost -30% fall over the last week.

Bitcoin price drop in November 2018 Crypto Heroes

Bitcoin price drops by almost 30% over the last week

Most of the top altcoins have followed the crypto market leader with some of them showing even worse results. Bitcoin Cash has shown the worst results having dropped by 43% in a few days after its hard fork release. Ethereum and Litecoin price decreased by 15%, Stellar by 12,5% and Bitcoin Cash dropped by 43%.

Amidst the overall disturbance, the only project that feels relatively well in comparison with others is Ripple. The XRP coin has lost only 6% over the last 24 hours. This may be caused by the positive news of Coinbase listing XRP on their platform and Ripple adding the 5th largest Southeast Asian bank to its network.

The crypto market is obviously still in the ‘bear’ zone and gives the best chances for long-term investments. A well-known cryptocurrency addict John MacAfee is sure that the crypto market is yet to see the new heights:

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