Bitconnect 2.0 Set to Revive the Biggest Crypto Ponzi Scheme in July




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Bitconnect 2.0 scam

Bitconnect is a crypto Ponzi scheme that saw investors lose a lot of money. Now, the return of the fraudulent Bitconnect near with each passing day. Its organizers have unveiled that Bitconnect 2.0 will go live on July 1.

In a tweet two days ago, the organizers shared a link to Bitconnect 2.0’s site. The tweet claimed that more information about the project would be found on the site.

However, social media activity seems to be the sole hint of any imminent plans. The site comprises of a sign-up form for updates, a countdown timer and a copy of the tweet. It also has a Binance referral link instructing crypto adopters to buy Bitconnect 2.0’s tokens.

Binance’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao is yet to comment on the tweet’s claims of a partnership.

Other than the launch date, the operations of Bitconnect 2.0 remain unknown. It is also unknown whether Bitconnect 2.0 has any connection with its predecessor other than sharing a name.

Bitconnect 2.0 Considered a Scam

Social media has been on fire after this announcement. A lot of people in the crypto community have warned that investors should steer clear of Bitconnect 2.0 even if it successfully offers new tokens. According to a report, the domain is set to expire two weeks before the launch date. The domain name differs slightly from the original one, and was registered in June 2017. The new site is registered in Panama, just like the first one.

This means that if the firm does not renew the domain name in June, then there is no Bitconnect 2.0. Speculations are that someone with access to the domain is trying to scam investors out of their money using the Binance referral link. The Twitter profile already has more than 1,000 followers.

Also, there is an agency that is trying to converge members for a Bitconnect community on Discord. The number of members is approaching 500.

The First Bitconnect

The general public is skeptic about Bitconnect 2.0. However, a few years ago investors were easily duped into investing in Bitconnect. Claiming to be a bitcoin investing and lending platform, the scheme saw investors lose their hard-earned money. After Bitconnect’s ICO in 2017, the BCC token had a value of $0.17. The firm promised investors that they would get high returns per month. This lie attracted a lot of gullible individuals.  A year after the ICO, the coin was worth $509.99. However, on January 16 last year, Bitconnect shut down all operations in an exit scam.

Investors were left with BCC tokens, which were worth nothing after the firm shut down. All hopes of getting their money back were shattered after all crypto exchanges delisted BCC.

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