Bitmain Unveils Antminer Z11 for Mining Equihash-based Privacy Coins



Bitmain Antminer z11

Bitmain has unveiled a new crypto miner for mining equihash-based coins. The new machine, named Antminer Z11, comes after Antminer Z9, unveiled in May 2018. Bitmain claims that the new miner is 3 times more powerful than its predecessor.

Thrice the Hashing Power of Z9

According to a Tweet from the official Bitmain account,

The Z-series of miners is designed to mine privacy coins. Examples of privacy coins are Zcash and ZenCash. These coins are based on the equihash technology.

According to launch notes, Antminer Z11 can offer up to 134 KSol/s in terms of hashing power. It is also very economical. Compared to the miners before it, it uses at least 60 percent less worth of electricity. Better still, it loses heat in an efficient manner, which saves on running costs.

The Latest 12nm Chip

The Z11 uses the newest chip from Bitmain. The chip is 12nanometers thick, and is smaller than that of the predecessor. The Z11 also features an updated design. It was unveiled at a time when there are discussions in the Zcash community about making the coin impossible to mine.

However, Bitmain has been following the discussion closely. It committed to keeping the community updated about every step of the design process of the new miner. The company has been transparent about its design, manufacture, launching and shipping updates.

According to the Bitmain blog,

The Antminer Z11 uses Bitmain’s latest proprietary 12nm chip, which is made using advanced Bare Die molding technology for better heat dissipation.

The new miner is now on pre-sale on Bitmain’s website. Currently, the Z11 offers the leading model of mining the privacy coins, in the market. It weighs just over 5kg.

The Bear Market

Besides making digital coin miners, Bitmain also runs one of the biggest Bitcoin-mining pools – Antpool. It is eyeing a spot on the Hong-Kong stock exchange. In the last quarter, Bitmain lost $500 million. It reported only $200 million in revenue. The poor financial outlook is due to the ongoing ‘crypto winter,’ which started in 2018.

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