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Bitmessage Developer Claims Craig Wright Forged Documents on BTC Creation




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Bitmessage creator testifies against Craig Wright

Jonathan Warren, the creator of Bitmessage, a P2P messenger testified against Craig Wright in the ongoing Kleiman case. Warren noted that Wright had faked some documents in a recent trial. A court document unveiled this news on August 13.

This hearing took place in the US Southern District of Florida court. In this court session, Warren confirmed his role in the creation of Bitmessage. On top of this, he said that Wright and Kleiman had access to the messaging software before it went live. Thus, Warren’s statement unveils chronological discrepancies in some of the documents that Wright presented in court.

In particular, Wright allegedly forged some contracts, email correspondences, and Bitmessages. This faked information sought to place Kleiman’s assets under Wright’s control. Warren testified that the printouts of the Bitmessages before November 19, 2012, were false. This is because he was the only one that could run Bitmessage at that time.

Commenting on Wright’s document with Bitmessages sent on October 22, 2012, Warren noted that,

It tells me that something has been faked. Either the date has been faked or the screenshot has been faked.

Explaining his statement, he said that he had not launched the platform at the time indicated on the document.

Craig Wright’s Documentation Problems

This is not Wright’s first time to have trouble with documents he submitted in court. In July, he purportedly presented falsified court documents to prove his innocence. A lawyer named Stephen Palley posted the forged court documents on Twitter. According to him, Wright failed to prove that he was Satoshi Nakamoto as his documents contained multiple chronological discrepancies.

Among the documents Wright submitted was a deed of trust dated October 23, 2012. However, Palley found that its metadata unveiled that it was Wright created it after the death of David Kleiman. Per Palley, the document used a 2015 copyright notice related to Calibri. Thus, the document’s original time of creation could not have been earlier than 2015.

Mocking Craig Wright, Palley noted,

I mean it makes sense that the inventor of bitcoin can time travel. Your honor.

This news comes after the self-proclaimed BTC creator declared that he could not comply with a court order to list his early BTC addresses. According to him, he does not have access to the BTC that he purportedly stole from David Kleiman. Allegedly, he gave a crucial piece of information regarding the funds and wallets to Kleiman before his death. He went on to explain that missing piece of information made it hard to find the wallets or the funds they hold.

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