Bitstop Installs the First Bitcoin ATM in the Miami International Airport




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Bitstop installs Bitcoin ATM in MIA

Bitstop, a bitcoin (BTC) ATM firm has installed one of its machines at the Miami International Airport. A press release unveiled this new through a press release on October 15. Per the publication, the firm installed the ATM in concourse G next to gate 16.

According to the press release, the machine will let crypto enthusiasts buy or sell BTC conveniently while traveling. Bitstop chose the location strategically as the Miami International Airport is the third-busiest airport in the US in terms of passenger traffic. Apart from this, MIA is also the largest gateway between the US and Latin America.

Commenting on this development, Bitstop’s co-founder chief strategy officer, Doug Carrillo said,

We’re excited to be working with Miami International Airport on this historic deal. More and more people prefer to travel with Bitcoin instead of cash for convenience and security. Miami International Airport is a perfect place for our customers to conveniently exchange their dollars for Bitcoin and vice versa when traveling domestically or abroad.

The firm went on to explain that using Bitcoin ATMs has become one of the easiest ways to buy or sell small amounts of BTC. The MIA location is the firm’s 40th installation over the past two months. It has brought Bitstop’s total BTC ATM count to 130 machines. According to Bitstop, the demand for bitcoin ATMs has increased. As such, the firm aims to have installed 500 machines by the end of the coming year.

Bitcoin ATMs Across the Globe Surge Past 5,000

This news comes after a report unveiled that there are now more than 5,000 Bitcoin ATMs across the globe. The number of Bitcoin ATMs breached this level on June 24 this year. At that time, the precise number was 5,006. According to the firm, these machines are spread out across 90 countries in the world.

Per the report, the US saw the most installations and is still the leader in terms of locations of Bitcoin ATMs. At the time of writing, there are 5,756 machines across the globe according to data from CoinATMRadar. The US accounts for more than half of this number with 3,910 locations. Canada comes second with 716 ATMs and the UK follows with a total of 278 locations.

While the number of Bitcoin ATMs has increased, the number of fraudsters has also gone up. A recent report unveiled that Canadian scammers had come up with a new way of conning unsuspecting citizens. According to the report, the fraudsters had formed a habit of placing home-made out-of-order signs on the machines.

The signs noted that the machines were undergoing maintenance, adding that crypto holders should scan a QR code attached to the machine as they make transactions. The QR code then connected the transactions to a wallet belonging to the scammers. As a result, any funds that unsuspecting crypto adopter bought were redirected to the wallet of the bad actors.

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