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sketch breaking news Bitcoin Wallets Down – which is one of the leading cryptocurrency wallets in the world – is undergoing technical difficulties, with multiple users reporting issues with their accounts.

Users encounter different problems

The Bitcoin wallet of cryptocurrency wallet provider, has been giving users problems over the past few hours. Some users have complained that they are not able to get into their wallets, while some panicked at the sight of zero on their account balance.

Users who have been unable to access their wallets complain of receiving this message “Blockchain Wallet cannot obtain an internet connect. Please check the connectivity on your device and try again.” This message is displayed despite their internet connections on. A user in Canada complained of seeing the message flashed on his screen as he aims to access his Bitcoin wallet.

Another user in Israel complained that his account was reading zero for an hour before the situation was rectified. Even though the funds are now reflecting in the user’s account, the fear that could have gripped him for one hour is a real concern.

Multiple users of social media platform Reddit are complaining about problems encountered with their accounts. At the moment, there is no official update from regarding the incident and if they are working to rectify it. still progressing

The cryptocurrency wallet provider which was previously known as is one of the most trusted and fastest growing crypto company, as they are committed to helping people all over the globe access and use cryptocurrencies in a safe way.

The company claims that it currently operates more than 31 million wallets while it has been able to raise more than $70M from the leading investors in Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and London. Earlier this month, launched full support for altcoin Stellar (XLM). This move was followed by a hefty airdrop of $125 million worth of XLM with the aim of driving adoption for the cryptocurrency. The airdrop was described as the largest in the history of crypto and it is also the largest consumer giveaway ever.