Brave, a Blockchain-powered Browser Rolls Out Token Tipping Service for Twitter Users




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Brave launches tipping service

Brave, a blockchain-based decentralized web browser has launched a token tipping service or Twitter users. Through this launch, the browser will let the Twitter users tip content creators with its Basic Attention Token (BAT). The firm discussed this launch in an announcement on August 1. Allegedly, users will be able to specify the amount they are willing to tip a specific Twitter account. The recipient would then get their tip in BAT directly.

Explaining how this service works, Brave noted,

When users visit Twitter with the Brave desktop browser, and have enabled Brave Rewards, they will see a new “Tip” button on each tweet. Clicking on this button will allow the users to send BAT directly to the author of the tweet for an amount of their choosing. Brave users who have enabled Brave Rewards earn BAT by viewing privacy-preserving Brave Ads, or can purchase BAT and load them into their Brave Rewards wallet.

Launching this service in style, Brave unveiled that it would tip 100,000 BAT grants to its desktops users in regions that don’t get Brave ads. Per the announcement, each BAT grant is worth approximately $1. The tipped users will receive their BTC by clicking the “accept” button in Brave Rewards.

Expanding the Tipping Service

According to a report, Brave began testing this tipping service in May through its testing and development browser version dubbed “Brave Nightly”.

According to the official announcement, this project comes as a new in-browser offering through Brave Rewards. Users who have joined Brave Rewards will now see a tip option on Twitter posts whenever they visit Twitter through their Brave desktop browser.

The tipping service also supports tipping on Youtube and Twitch. Apart from this, the firm aims to introduce tipping on Reddit, Vimeo, and Github.

Reportedly, Brave users can also earn BAT by watching privacy-conserving ads via traditional purchases.

This news comes as micro-tipping continues to gain fame in crypto communities. Prior to Brave’s Twitter tipping service,, an independent project, and plugin rolled out a similar BTC-based service last winter. Following this launch, the project got a significant push from Twitter’s Jack Dorsey after he endorsed it to his 4.4 million followers.

While the news of launching this tipping service is bullish for Brave, it has not had a positive impact on BAT’s performance. At the time of writing, the coin is trading at $0.235 according to data from Coinmarketcap. This figure represents a 3.37 percent plunge over the past 24 hours.

Do you think Brave’s Twitter tipping service will help attract more users to use its blockchain-based internet browser? Let us know in the comments below.

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