Brave Browser Emerges on Top of Chrome Regarding Google Play Rankings in Japan




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Brave tops Chrome is Google Play rankings

The popularity of Brave, a decentralized web browser has surged once again. The browser recently outranked other leading browsers in Google Play rankings in Japan. According to a report on September 8, this is the first time that Brave has risen above its rival browsers in the Asian country.

The publication notes that Brave’s competitors include big names such as Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Per Google Play’s most recent data showing the top-ranking web browsers, Brave sits at position 11. Firefox is the closest contender at the 14th position, while Chrome occupies the 49th slot. On the other hand, Opera Mini took the 50th position.

According to the report, Google Play determines the ranking of apps by checking how well it performs against several key metrics. These include crash rates, app not responding rates, and excessive Wi-Fi. Apart from these, Google Play also uses location and background process to determine how apps fair against one another.

2 Million Downloads in August

A screenshot unveiled that Android users had downloaded the Brave browser two million times in the past month. While Firefox was the closest competitor in terms of rank, the browser only had 553,000 downloads in August.

Brave attracts users by tokenizing some aspects of the internet browsing experience. For instance, the browser lets its users earn its Basic Attention Token (BAT) by watching ads and claiming grants. The users can then use the BAT coins they have earned to tip content creators on platforms such as Vimeo, Twitter, and Reddit. In so doing, the browser offers an anonymous and seamless way for tipping content creators.

Prior to this, Brave published a blog post on August 27, unveiling that it is developing a new crypto wallet. Per the announcement, this wallet would support Brave’s native ERC-20-backed Basic Attention Token (BAT), other ethereum-based tokens and collectibles and ETH itself.

Apart from this, the wallet would also support interaction with dApps, which make Brave a Web3 browser. However, the wallet will not be compatible with Brave Rewards. As such, the wallet’s users will not be able to transfer BAT between Brave Rewards and crypto wallets. The firm noted that the name of the wallet is still under development.

At the moment, users are responsible for managing keys while using the trial version on the wallet. While the firm gave the green light for sampling the trial version of its wallet, it urged users to “stick to small amounts and keep regular backups”.

Do you think Brave’s performance in Google Play ranking will have a positive impact on the price of the Basic Attention Token (BAT)? Let us know in the comments below.