Canadian University Rolls Out Graduate Training on the Blockchain Technology



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Canada’s University of British Columbia (UBC) has announced that it set to begin offering blockchain courses. The DLT program will be open for master’s and Ph.D. students. UBC made this announcement on June 11 via a press release.

According to the release, this project aims to enhance the skills of the students in the nascent sector. In so doing, it would help them get atop Canada’s blockchain space. Apart from this, the students would also be in a position to address some of the global tough socio-technical problems.

Reportedly, the training project will focus on educating students in four sectors. These are health and wellness, clean energy, regulatory technology and indigenous issues. UBC hopes to train a total of 139 students over a period of six years. After completing the training, the students would have the tools needed to assess blockchain solutions. They would also be able to pinpoint openings for blockchain implementation. 

Victoria Lemieux, UBC iSchool associate professor and founder of [email protected] said,

The initiative will allow students to develop the skills around emerging technologies that are in high demand as well as drive economic growth as graduates fill the void in the industry,

Project Backed by Canadian Non-profit and 15 Other Firms

This project is backed by 15 industry partners from different spaces. Among these firms is Boehringer Ingelheim.

Mitacs, a non-profit is also supporting this program. The firm will provide $1.324 million over the six years. On top of this, it will fund 18 master’s and eight Ph.D. internships in the sector. This represents an approximate value of $2.44 million for 156 internships and Ph.D. training over the six years. 

UBC Faculty to Conduct the Training

UBC faculty from different fields will train the students in this program. Lecturers from natural science, FinTech, and computer science among other fields will be involved. Allegedly, they are connected to the local community. Also, they have access to blockchain research centers across the globe.

Talking about the challenges faced in blockchain education, Lemieux added,

Complex, wicked problems require a collision of perspectives,

According to a publication, UBC’s Vancouver students founded a bitcoin (BTC) club five years ago. 

The club’s site notes that it,

seeks to provide an environment where bitcoin-related ideas, projects, programs, events, and businesses can be studied and grown,

Per the report, the club focuses on education, BTC payment options for traders within the campus. Also, it has been incubating bitcoin businesses that run on the campus.

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