Casa Rolls Out Node Monitor Service to Enhance Bitcoin Network Health




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Casa rolls out Node Heartbeats

Casa, a crypto company that offers private key management services, and a bitcoin (BTC) node machine has rolled out a node monitor. The firm has also released a rewards program. According to the company, this launch seeks to promote the health of the Bitcoin network.

The firm unveiled this news through an official blog post on August 21. According to the announcement, the node monitor is dubbed “Node Heartbeats”. It relies on creating a brief connection between Casa’s server and an online, synced, and Tor-activated node owned by a customer. The rewards program lets Casa node users earn 10,000 SatsBack per week. This reward will be in exchange for performing 5 Node Heartbeat checks per week on different days.

Reportedly, users can exchange SatsBack for bitcoin (BTC) once in a day on Casa’s Keymaster app. However, a user must have accumulated a minimum of 50,000 SatsBack points to do this. According to the report, Casa believes that it is difficult for users to stay updated on their nodes’ uptime and security. Through releasing a rewards program, Casa hopes to enhance the overall health of the bitcoin network.

Charlie Lee’s Investment in Casa

Charlie Lee, the founder of litecoin (LTC) unveiled that he had invested in the Casa project. He made this announcement on August 18 praising the firm for pushing for the mass adoption of BTC.

Lee tweeted,

He disclosed this information in response to Casa’s announcement of hiring Brian Lockhart. Before this hire, Lockhart worked as an engineer and product manager at Microsoft. He also worked at Tableau and as an organizer of Seattle’s Bitcoin Meetup.

This news comes after Lightning Labs announced the launch of an alpha version of a node monitoring tool. The new tool is dubbed Indmon and it allegedly lets node operators monitor node usage in real-time. Per the announcement, Lightning Labs’ developers decided to create Indmon following a lot of network issues earlier this year. Through the launch of this tool, the network hopes to stop specific network issues before they manifest.

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