Chinese Internet Court: Blockchain against online plagiarism



Chinese Internet Court with Blockchain against online plagiarism Crypto Heroes

A newly established Internet Court in Eastern Chinese City Hangzhou is set to make use of blockchain technology in its fight against plagiarism for online writers. This is according to a report by local news outlet The first internet court in the country was launched in the city of Hangzhou with the aim of dealing with internet related cases. The blockchain technology to be used will save them time, reduce the overhead cost of getting justice from the system.

When the court is launched, it is expected to start accepting court filing and cases electronically. The court has also been tasked with ruling online cases through live stream. The court revealed that plaintiffs will be able to verify their identity using a government-issued ID while Alipay can also be used for the same purpose.

The Hangzhou Internet Court has been designed to serve as an incubator to be used in the governance of the internet space in the country. The court has been tasked with settling diversified Internet disputes and will serve as the first mover for China’s transformation of the internet trials.

The court was established in Hangzhou due to the fact that most of the online writers in China live in that province. The Binjiang District of the city is popular for having the country’s writer’s village and houses over a hundred popular online writers. The writers in this region have faced numerous piracy challenges over the years and they have found it very hard to prove that they are the owners of the pieces of work they write. The report pointed out that some of these writers’ present screenshots and downloading their content as evidence of ownership of the content, those pieces of evidence can easily be forged and have thus far been regarded as an ineffective method of presenting evidence.

Blockchain to be used to settle such cases

The expensive nature of legal services and notary fees involved has made it very hard for writers to get justice anytime their work is stolen, the report pointed out. The implementation of blockchain technology would be a welcome development, with the Hangzhou Internet Court of the view that it would be virtually impossible to alter or forge any evidence once it has been logged on to the blockchain. The decentralized nature of the technology makes it a very tool in settling online copyright infringement cases.

Wang Jiangqiao, a worker at the court is of the view that blockchain technology would offer huge benefits to online writers since it has a tamper-proof nature. The technology would have the ability to track critical information such as authorship, time of creation, content, and evidence of infringement

The Hangzhou Internet Court is looking to make use of the technology in numerous ways. A few weeks ago, the court became the first one in China to implement the use of blockchain technology as a means of storing evidence. The court saw the need to make this move following a case that saw the plaintiff, a company based in Hangzhou sued the defendant, a Shenzhen-based tech firm for publishing a copyright material on their official website.

The plaintiff issued the screenshot of the webpage of the defendant while also presenting the source code. The evidence was uploaded to the Bitcoin blockchain. The Hangzhou Internet Court after the trial revealed that using blockchain technology to electronically store data is a very good idea and would be used in collecting evidence during copyright infringement cases.