Craig Wright Set to Call Three Expert Witnesses to Testify in His Evidentiary Hearing




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Craig Wright calls witnesses in his hearing

Craig Wright, a bitcoin SV advocate, and the self-declared Satoshi Nakamoto will be appearing in court later on today. He is set to show up at a court in West Palm Beach, Florida for an evidentiary hearing. Wright will reportedly call three expert witnesses to the stand during this hearing. The recently filed documents in the Kleiman v. Wright lawsuit unveiled this information.

According to the court document, this court session will be at the Paul G. Rogers Federal Building. Wright’s legal team would invite Brett Roberson, Kevin Madura, and Steve Shadders to testify.

Brett Roberson has vast knowledge in digital forensics and PGP signatures. Wright aims to call him on the stand to share insights in his area of expertise.

Kevin Madura is an expert in cryptography, crypto, and the blockchain. He is set to offer an expert testimony based on his knowledge.

Steve Shadders is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of nChain. He is poised to testify as a fact witness.

Apart from these three men, Wright will also testify as a fact witness.

Calling Witnesses is a Puzzling Move

This news comes after the Kleiman attorney revealed that Wright had failed to follow the court’s order to list his BTC addresses before 2013.

Per Stephen Palley, a lawyer that has taken a liking to comment on crypto cases noted,

Palley added,

Kleiman Estate to Provide a Witness and Electronic Gadgets

The Kleiman Estate is also set to provide an expert witness in this hearing. According to another court document, the plaintiffs have called Matthew J. Edman to testify. He is set to give a testimony on matters like applied cryptography, Shamir’s Secret Sharing Scheme, digital forensics, and crypto. On top of this, he would testify on the documents that Wright submitted in this case.

Additionally, the Kleiman Estate will provide some electronic devices associated with the case. These include a video camera, a laptop, a keyboard, a cell phone, and four tablets for the Livenote platform.

This news comes after Steve Shadders posted a blog post dubbed “On the Satoshiness of Dr Craig S Wright.” He gave details of his time while working with Wright.

He noted,

“I have seen so much evidence that #craigissatoshi that it is a no brainer to me — It is not something I believe it is something I know as an iron-clad and indisputable fact.”

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