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Ledger Crypto Wallet Nano X Bluetooth

Popular cryptocurrency wallet service provider Ledger has launched a mobile version of its wallet. The company showcased the Bluetooth-enabled Nano X device yesterday at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Bluetooth feature means it can be used on mobile devices

The added Bluetooth feature ensures that the Nano X can easily be utilized with a mobile device – a welcome development, given that customers had previously indicated a desire for mobile device compatibility following the release of its predecessor, the Nano S. The fact that most people now choose to use mobile devices over laptops or desktop computers made the introduction of a such a feature crucial for Ledger.

Ledger CEO Eric Larchevêque stated in an interview that the “more advanced” Nano X’s compatibility with the forthcoming Ledger Live app serves as further testimony to “the big evolution” of the new hardware. The Ledger Live mobile app will be made available to users on Google Play and iTunes on January 16th.

While the company has yet to comment on the price of the Nano X, Larchevêque pointed out that the price of the preceding Nano S (currently sold for $69.99) is expected to drop once the new device goes live. According to the company’s website, Ledger previously sold over 1.3 million Nano S devices.

The Nano X further offers some other new features. The bigger screen size and higher pixel count serve as important additions since Ledger’s security features usually require actions that are made via the hardware device itself. The device has also been designed to store roughly 100 cryptocurrencies, six times the capacity of the Nano S.

How ledger keeps your cryptos safe

Ledger has equipped the new Nano X with a lot of memory. Some may argue that memory isn’t particularly important for a hardware wallet, since it merely stores the public-private key pairs for each cryptocurrency that a user has. However, this isn’t the case, as new tokens increases the complexity of the crypto space and makes it necessary for numerous softwares to interact with different protocols. To ensure that Ledger’s high level of security is maintained, the company decided to design an app for each protocol and thus simplify the sending and receiving of cryptocurrencies.

Larchevêque stated that Ledger has “lots of third-party developers who are developing applications” and that the company wants to “make sure that these applications can only sign transactions for their own private key.”

Larchevêque further elaborated that this approach has an added advantage, as it implies that a user with an app running cannot accidentally authorize a transaction to the wrong protocol.

By revealing the new device at CES, Ledger is making a strong statement to the crypto world. When quizzed about whether his company has now left the blockchain bubble with this appearance, Larchevêque responded that it’s true, given that CES is not a crypto show. He added that their products are currently being utilized by so many users that it would be wrong to consider them niche devices.

The French company has already received a warm welcome from CES, as it is now considered a part of global consumer electronics. In its press release, Ledger revealed that Nano X was awarded this year’s “Innovation Award in Cyber Security and Personal Privacy” by CES.

Larchevêque concluded, that “when you have more than a million customers, you are really in consumer electronics.”

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