Digital assets electronic brokerage firm, Tagomi Holdings Inc. is launched



Tagomi Holdings Inc. is launched Crypto Heroes

Tagomi Holdings Inc., an electronic brokerage firm that is backed by PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel has now been launched. The company which offers prime services for sophisticated crypto investors announced that its services are now live and they have started executing client trades. Tagomi further revealed that it has received funding from notable companies such as Founders Fund and they now aim to help clients achieve best price execution for digital assets. They would mostly serve clients that seek institutional, operational standards, treasury management, low transaction-costs, transparency, custody solutions, and other services.

Tagomi to provide transparency to crypto trading

Tagomi revealed that it has so far raised roughly USD 16 million from high ranking investors including Founders Fund, Collaborative Fund, SV Angel, Joe Lonsdale, Brainchild, Digital Currency Group, and more.

Joe Lonsdale, Founder of Palantir and Addepar while commenting on this latest development stated that “Cryptocurrency trading lacks the transparency and sophisticated execution that top family offices and wealth management firms have come to expect. I’m excited to see an ambitious team with the right experience in finance and technology fix this, creating a solution we trust.”

Tagomi is expected to bring strong infrastructure and institutional services needed by sophisticated traders and investors to boost their trading. The management team of the exchange includes industry veterans that are experienced in the field of electronic trading technology, digital asset investing, compliance, and regulatory. Most of them have worked in investment houses such as Union Square Ventures, Goldman Sachs, Virtu Financial, Two Sigma, Citadel, NASDAQ and others.

Jennifer Campbell, Chief Executive Officer of Tagomi, stated that “At this nascent stage for digital assets, investors are seeking a better way to execute large trades. We’re excited to have built that. Our focus is on providing our clients, which include financial institutions, high net worth individuals and other sophisticated digital asset investors, a comprehensive solution that eases the operational challenges associated with trading at scale in this emerging asset class.”

Greg Tusar, Chief Technology Officer of Tagomi meanwhile commented that “Tagomi applies proven electronic trading solutions that these sophisticated investors have come to expect, and removes the operational hurdles commonly associated with digital asset investing.”

Talking further about the brokerage firm, Marc Bhargava, President of Tagomi stated that “We’re a client-services first company that leverages best-in-class technology tools and multiple liquidity sources to help clients plan trades and receive the best execution, tailored to their needs. We encourage clients to work with our specialists and leverage data when making execution choices. Early client feedback has proven the benefit of this distinguishing factor.”

Tagomi has excellent features

Tagomi has some amazing features that would help attract traders and investors to the platform. It has an end-to-end solution that provides users with a single touch point while also acting as the intermediary between sophisticated digital asset investors and cryptocurrency exchanges. The firm will provide users with a complete brokerage service including execution, capital management, and custody.

Tagomi also has a robust trading infrastructure as it contains advanced order routing tactics and algorithms designed with the aim of integrating both exchange and OTC liquidity to the platform. It has advanced execution algorithms that enable advanced execution tactics and offers users the opportunity to design them to meet their specific needs. The one-step settlement available makes it easier for clients to manage their cash as they don’t have to interact with multiple systems and exchanges.

Tagomi also offers custody services as it works with banks and other custody providers. This enables them to secure transfers and custody on behalf of their customers. The cold storage solutions available on the platform make it easier for users to save their funds and transfer them. It also has other services such as post-trade reporting that allows clients to get reports following the execution of a trade. They also have consulting and advice section that offers users advice on how to trade, especially during bear markets.

Tagomi has two products for its end-to-end capabilities. The streamlined execution product is a tool that has been designed for High Net Worth individual, Family Office or Fund investor and help them gain access to the crypto markets. The investors using this platform will be able to make use of the tools and take advantage of the simple, streamlined interface to monitor the value of their portfolio holdings. Tagomi also has an advanced trading product which is a tool developed specifically for the active trader who is seeking to have aggregated access to markets and advanced execution strategies. The user interface for this tool is also easy to use, has fast order entry, and advanced charting capabilities.

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