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EOS blockchain still with critical vulnerabilities



Blockchain researchers are still finding critical vulnerabilities in EOS Crypto Heroes

Cryptocurrency and blockchain security researchers continue to find critical vulnerabilities in EOS blockchain months after the mainnet was launched, is according to a recent activity reported by HackerOne. closed eight flaws reported in January

Yesterday Hard Fork reviewed the EOS vulnerability report disclosed by HackerOne. In the process, it found that, EOS developers closed eight vulnerability reports submitted by white-hat hackers last month alone. The development team at EOS spent 50,750 USD worth of bug bounties last month on the eight bugs discovered.

According to the report by Hard Fork, five of the eight vulnerabilities qualified for’s 10,000 USD reward, which is usually reserved for critical flaws discovered on the network. This recent development is a continuation of numerous vulnerabilities discovered on the network last year.

EOS launched its disclosure program in May last year and spent over 500,000 USD in bug bounties in 2018. This sum accounted for roughly 60 percent of all bug bounty awarded by blockchain companies last year.

EOS was not the only blockchain to deal with vulnerability reports in January. TRON and exchange service Robinhood each tacked three bug reports on their networks. Cobinhood tackled two bug reports, while Coinbase, Monero, Electroneum, and Gatecoin all handled at least one vulnerability report last month.

There is no way to determine the severity of the flaws as none of the vulnerability disclosures are open to the public.

HackerOne, in its report, pointed out that blockchain companies account for just a fraction of all bug reports submitted to them in January. Last month, the breach disclosure platform received around 1,400 new bug reports.

The platform revealed that blockchain companies tackled over 3,000 bug reports last year. However, this figure is for bug reports submitted to HackerOne, which implies that the actual figure for the entire sector could be higher.

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