EU Regulator Approves Bitfury Institutional Bitcoin Mining Fund




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EU approves Bitfury

Bitfury has officially partnered with a Switzerland-based investment firm. This partnership will make bitcoin mining fund available to institutional investors.

Blockchain tech giant Bitfury disclosed this on Twitter on 24 April. Relating the information to their followers on their twitter page, the Bitfury Group said,

Bitfury builds different software which is related to blockchain and also provides mining services. The company has come out to say that Final Frontier is a company where they have a minority stake. Besides, they also noted that the EU regulator had approved its institutional fund from Liechtenstein.

Speaking to Reuters, Imraan Moola, Final Frontier’s co-founder said,

With the bitcoin (BTC) price down significantly from its all-time high, yet institutional interest growing every day, now may be an opportune time to consider investing in bitcoin mining.

Bitfury, a billion dollar company

Forbes earlier this month included Bitfury on their list of top 50 companies worth $1 billion or more making use of blockchain globally. Towards the end of last year, the company was able to raise $80 million from investors. One of such investors was the merchant bank funded by billionaire Mike Novogratz, Fortress Investor Group’s former macro hedge fund manager. It was the fund that took them across the $1 billion benchmarks.

Funds designed mainly to help institutional investors

Bitfury describes its design as what will be of immense benefits to the emerging sector. The fund will center mainly on institutions. It will allow significant investors entrance to bitcoin’s mining world.

Bitfury is going to provide the hardware which the project needs. They will also source power from the different mining centers the company has. Using their power source will minimize the cost of mining.

Some countries still crackdown on mining

This approval comes as a welcome development especially now that the crypto market is going green. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that this approval comes at a time when some countries such as China are cracking down on mining of cryptocurrency.

However, the companies did not reveal to the public the amount of fund which Final Frontier has created for professional and institutional investors.

Do you think this fund will make bitcoin mining cheaper in the long run?

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