Europol Apprehends Six Suspects Behind a $27 million Bitcoin Theft



Europol arrests six crypto scam suspects

Europol has arrested six suspects in a $27 million crypto theft case. The agency teamed up with the UK’s South West Regional Cyber Crime Unit, the Dutch police, Eurojust, and the UK’s NCA in this operation. Europol unveiled this information via a press release published on June 25.

According to the press release, the individuals engaged in typosquatting. This activity involves setting up a fraudulent site to obtain personal details. The scam site has a similar name to the one that the criminals are targeting. In so doing, they record login data and use it against unsuspecting users.

Per Europol, the suspects accessed the bitcoin wallets of approximately 4,000 users and made away with their BTC wealth. The targeted victims were from 12 different countries.

Team Work

The official notes that Europol organized operational meetings at its headquarters. In so doing, it allowed the British and Dutch authorities to exchange intelligence and evidence. Prior to the arrests, Eurojust hosted a meeting to prepare the officers that would carry out the arrests.

The criminal group comprised of five men and one woman. The authorities arrested some of them at their homes in Charlcombe, Lower Weston and Staverton in the UK. The others were in Amsterdam and Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Crypto Arrests on The Rise

This news comes as authorities across the globe continue introducing systems and measures to curb crypto crime. In so doing, they have managed to arrest a large number of individuals suspected to engage in such crimes.

In late January this year, European police officers arrested a British man in an $11 million in crypto case. The 36-year-old man was allegedly involved in crypto fraud, theft, and money laundering. The police believe that he targeted IOTA holders.

A month later in India, authorities arrested four individuals in a $14 million crypto scam case. According to the police, the group launched a crypto coin titled Cashcoin. They promised investors double profits but ended up stealing their funds.

In May this year, police officers arrested two Nigerian men in a case involving fraud and money laundering. Reportedly, the two men solicited BTC investments promising investors high returns and instant withdrawals.

Similar News

An earlier report notes that watchdogs discovered a fake cryptohopper site that stole crypto login details. The clone site used the same logo as the real site. Upon accessing the site, it installs malware on your device, downloads and runs scripts that steal crypto.

Do you think authorities have the needed technical expertise and resources to curb crypto crime? Let us know in the comments below.

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