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Why Google Data Scientists Are Interested in Ethereum Classic Crypto Heroes

Google is interested in Etherum Classic as it’s big-data analytics platform, BigQuery, has added support for Ethereum Classic blockchain searches. The addition of ETC blockchain on BitQuery will make it easier for technologists to search the blockchain for specific pieces of data and information.

Community looks to boost ETC’s role in the market

BigQuery adding support for Ethereum Classic is one of the moves made by the ETC community to boost ETC’s role in the broader marketplace. The Crypto Economic Explorer by CoinDesk shows that Ethereum Classic has less than 1 percent of the network activity recorded by Bitcoin, and roughly 3 percent of the comparable developer benchmarks on GitHub.

In an interview with CoinDesk, Edilson Osorio Junior, CEO of the blockchain voting and verification startup OriginalMy, stated that BitQuerry’s addition would make it easier for his company to search for a specific vote or authenticated publication date on the Ethereum Classic blockchain. “Retrieving from BigQuery will be so fast, so I don’t need any more to have a local database to be redundant,” he added.

OriginalMy plans to continue operating nodes for its own records. The company has paying clients who might demand quick queries. Junior revealed that his company made 60,000 USD from such clients last year and is currently a part of the first Ethereum Classic Labs startup accelerator program in San Francisco.

Yaz Khoury, director of developer relations at the nonprofit ETC Cooperative, stated that Google’s staff noticed his increased focus on promoting use cases. He stated that BigQuery support is about “merging the gap between people who are very familiar with the blockchain data structure.”

Khoury has been using BigQuery to follow ETC ownership beyond crypto exchanges and the two millionaires who helped grow the cryptocurrency: Ethereum’s co-founder Charles Hoskinson and Digital Currency Group founder Barry Silbert. Khoury believes that less-crypto-savvy technologists will experiment on their own, now that people can search for ETC blockchain data across BigQuery products.

Google support comes at a good time

Google support for the ETC blockchain comes at a good time for the community. ETC Labs, funded by the parent company Digital Finance Group, has invested 100,000 USD in six projects taking part in the first class of the accelerator program

OriginalMy took part in Google’s Startup Residency Program in 2017. If the ongoing ETC labs accelerator goes smoothly, there could be more ETC-friendly startups with enough user traction to consider invitation for similar projects.

ETC Labs director, Elizabeth Kukka, revealed that the first accelerator batch is composed of a wide range of teams from pre-seed projects to full-fledged startups seeking Series A rounds. She pointed out that the first set of projects is similar to the more robust ConsenSys Ventures and its Tachyon incubator program.

The Ethereum Foundation has been a donor to the ETC cooperative, with the aim of promoting synergy between the two Ethereum ecosystems. The ETC community is, however, looking to establish a support system of its own.

ETC Labs marketing director, Dean Pappas, stated that the lab is looking to join blockchain research startup IOH. The startup, headed by Ethereum Classic co-founder Hoskinson, could be ETC Lab’s institutional partner in the community. ETC Labs currently employs nine developers working on the ETC blockchain.

“Just like we see Blockstream informing most of bitcoin’s development. We see ETC Labs trying to be that,” Pappas stated. He added that ETC-friendly startups would be able to grow faster with the availability of a direct line of communication to ETC core developers. “We think that this cooperation will lead to faster deployment,” Pappas concluded.

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