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Google Enters Crypto and Blockchain Search Business With New Tools Crypto Heroes

Search engine giant Google has added six new crypto and blockchain analytics tools to its BigQuery Public Datasets program, according to a blog post by Google Cloud on February 5.

Google’s BigQuery Public Dataset contains datasets that are made available to the public and can be integrated into applications. Google had released earlier datasets, consisting of the blockchain transaction history for Bitcoin and Ethereum, in order to help users understand cryptocurrencies better.

Google’s database now contains Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, and Zcash. According to Google, five of these cryptocurrencies, alongside Bitcoin, have similar source codes, and thus follow a common schema. The schema makes it easier for users to carry out comparative analysis of the blockchains. In addition, the Ethereum Classic dataset has the same common schema as the Ethereum dataset.

Google Cloud developer Allen Day, in an interview with Forbes, said Google is currently interested in quantifying exactly what goes on with cryptocurrencies, as this would help them determine the real, legitimate-use cases for blockchain technology. Once the company has evaluated that information, they will move on to the next use case and develop utilization purposes for these technologies.

All datasets will update once every 24 hours through a common codebase – the Blockchain ETL ingestion framework. The framework would implement a low-latency loading solution to enable users to stream transactions on the blockchains in real time.

Google restructures dataset to suit user preference

Google said that, since the launch of the original Bitcoin dataset last year, the company has studied the user preferences in accessing this data, and restructured their dataset accordingly. Some of the changes that were made affected performance and convenience.

Google has also included more data in the system, adding script op-codes that enable more advanced analyses of Bitcoin transactions. “For analytics interoperability, we designed a unified schema that allows all Bitcoin-like datasets to share queries. To further interoperate with Ethereum and ERC-20 token transactions, we also created some views that abstract the blockchain ledger to be presented as a double-entry accounting ledger,” stood in Google’s official blog post.

Google mentioned that the first terabyte for the datasets would be free every month, with costs charged per byte afterwards. Google included links detailing instructions and illustrations on how to explore the new datasets.

Google’s data scientists show interest in Ethereum Classic

Google’s BigQuery has shown interest in Ethereum Classic recently, after it added the ETC blockchain to its platform. The addition of ETC blockchain on BigQuery will make it easier for technologists to search the blockchain for specific pieces of data and information. Ethereum Classic has been playing a minor role in the crypto ecosystem, but hopes to broaden its role in the marketplace.

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