How the Brexit Deal Ended up in Space, on a Blockstream Satellite



Blockstream Brexit Deal

The past week has been the most interesting for Britons following the Brexit deal. For starters, a ‘Cancel Brexit’ petition has hit 3,047,041 signatures in just under three days. Everyone, including Theresa May herself, seems to be unsure about just what is going on. The people are showing their will by petitioning to go against what was decided during the referendum—and let Britain remain in the EU.

‘Sending a Message’

In all this conundrum, Richard Gargan, a Bitcoin and blockchain enthusiast, decided to ‘send a message’ to the politicians and, well, everyone else on the planet. He writes:

I decided this weekend to literally send them Theresa May’s Brexit deal. But instead of sending it by post or by email I’ve sent it to them by satellite by which I mean I’ve beamed it into space.

But How is this Possible?

This is made possible by use of the Blockstream satellite. Blockstream launched a service in 2017 that supports the Bitcoin blockchain by beaming it down to earth. The link is a backup for businesses which deal with Bitcoin, in case there is an internet outage.

Later, Blockstream updated its service to include an ability to broadcast messages. Until early March 2019, the broadcasting service was still in the testnet. People could broadcast their messages, albeit for free, but they could still be beamed down. Right now, it is not free to send those messages. You have to pay (cents) in real bitcoin. Once it is up on the Blockstream network, it is broadcasted back to every corner of the world.

Brexit in Space

In a world’s first, Richard Gargan has sent the Brexit deal document to space. It is currently being beamed down to me and you, wherever you are. If you had a Blockstream satellite receiver, a noise limiting machine and a small booster, you could log on to the ‘stream’ and read the deal—the whole 500+ pages of it.

Gargan used an interesting method to send this message. He split the text document into many small files (around 10kb each) then uploaded each document separately. The whole deal cost him 1.49 GBP to be sent in space.

Now the politicians and everyone else can ‘get the message.’ Even though blockchain enthusiasts may be the select few lucky people able to see it now, the deal is forever embedded in the blockchain. It’s available for scrutiny, from the comfort of your home, or wherever else you may be.

Are you for, on the fence, or against the Brexit deal? Do you think the politicians are getting the message? Let us know in the comments section below!

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