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International Innovation Film Festival - blockchain meets the creatives (Bern, Switzerland) Crypto Heroes

Art and technology; on the surface a potentially disparate pairing, but dig a little deeper and you find that history is rife with examples of a beautiful and complementary coexistence. This relationship is precisely the foundation upon which the International Innovation Film Festival (IIFF) is built. “It’s the blockchain meets the creatives,” says festival artistic director Michèle Patsula-Rükgauer, “we’re using the film industry as a case study to show how this technology works”.

“From ticket sales in cryptocurrency to novel blockchain-fuelled film financing efforts and more, the IIFF works to highlight real-world use cases of DLT technology”, explains festival creator and founding member of the Swiss Blockchain Federation, Toni Caradonna. This isn’t the only aspect that makes the project unique, however, as in addition to offering film screenings, the IIFF plays host to a youth hackathon and a web conference spread out over the four-day event in Bern, Switzerland.

Blockchain and Art

The Mayor of Bern, Alec von Graffenried, kicked off the IIFF on Friday (February 15th) with an opening speech that outlined the broad applications of blockchain technology and stated the commitment of the city in supporting blockchain projects and innovation in both art and technology. This welcome address segued into the launch of the web conference which brought together tech experts and artists from around the world in panel discussions and presentations concerning topics such as digital rights management, female voices in innovation, humanitarian applications of blockchain technology and much more.

The hackathon, a joint venture between the IIFF team and Canadian blockchain educators, the Crypto Chicks, aimed to promote awareness of blockchain and crypto technology and foster innovation and dialogue across demographics. During the one-day event, participants worked to solve a problem using blockchain technology and had the opportunity to present their results to a panel of tech experts.

Films selected for screening during the IIFF all contained an innovative element; some used boundary-pushing filming methodologies, while others covered cutting-edge subject matter or explored a unique narrative. One selection, the Pitts Family Circus, occupies a unique space as the world’s first Ethereum-funded film. Overall, the IIFF represents a great step forward in the promotion of blockchain and crypto awareness to the masses. The festival’s focus on education, art, as well as tangible, real-world blockchain applications, made for an event filled with digestible and engaging content and prompted lively discussions.

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