Julian Assange Gets BTC Donations Worth $32K in Under 24 Hours



Julian Assange raises over $20,000 in BTC

Julian Assange was arrested yesterday morning after Ecuador’s president called off his asylum status. He is an Australian computer whiz, a journalist, and the co-founder and director of Wikileaks. Assange’s eviction and arrest did not sit right a lot of people around the world. His fans support him and the Wikileaks site for uncovering graft.

People have come together to raise funds for the activist, as shared on the Wikileaks defense fund website. This site seeks to raise funds to help Assange beat the charges against him. Over the past 24 hours, the fund has received bitcoin donations worth more than $30,000. Among the forms of payment that the site accepts are bitcoin (BTC) and zcash (ZEC).

Reportedly, the wallet address balance for BTC jumped to around 2.61 BTC ($13,200). About 20 payments happened just after Assange’s arrest. Over the next 24 hours, the address received around 140 more payments. As at the time of writing, the BTC address has got 278 donations and its balance is 6.33 BTC ($32, 150).

Bitcoin, the currency of ‘free speech’

Julian Assange and Wikileaks began using virtual currencies as early as 2010. This was because many credit firms and banks did not support him. The firm has continued to exist even after getting some resistance from the sector. Last year, Coinbase exchange barred it from using its services.

According to reports, the exchange claimed that Wikileaks had gone against its terms of service. After this, Wikileaks claimed Coinbase was obeying a hidden influence, asking its users to stop using the exchange. It then said that it would continue accepting BTC donations directly.

After Wikileaks decided to use crypto, other firms such as Gab, a social network followed it. Per Gab, bitcoin and cryptos are ‘free speech money’. The project began using crypto to transfer funds without political intrusion.

Wikileaks raised over $22 million through BTC

Wikileaks and Julian Assange have obtained a lot of benefits from bitcoin. The leading crypto coin helped Assange and Wikileaks find a way around political influence and control. BTC’s price also rose by 103,000 percent over the past seven years. By 2017, Wikileaks had received 4,000 BTC in donations and at the end of the year, the coins were worth about $22 million.

Making fun of his firm’s enemies, Assange said,

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