Kaspersky: Lazarus APT Hacking Group is Readying to Target More Exchanges



Lazarus APT hacking Group

The Lazarus APT is one of the most notorious hacker groups thought to operate from North Korea. This group is said to be behind most of the biggest attacks on crypto exchanges. They have made off with hundreds of millions of dollars of crypto.

However, a blog post by Kaspersky, the Russian Computer Security Company stated,

Financial gain remains one of the main goals for Lazarus, with its tactics, technics, and procedures constantly evolving to avoid detection.

Evolving tactics by the group

According to the blog post, this hacking group is enhancing its tactics and attack vectors to outwit the security firewalls of exchanges. Moreover, the group uses sophisticated malware to attack both iOS and Windows platforms.

The Kaspersky research stated:

One of the key findings is the group’s new ability to target macOS. Since then Lazarus has been busy expanding its operations for the platform.

According to the research, dubbed ‘Operation Applejeus,’ Kaspersky Labs unraveled the use of a fake company by the group targeting the crypto businesses using a backdoored product.

Kaspersky Labs added,

If you’re part of the booming cryptocurrency or technical startup industry, exercise extra caution when dealing with new third parties or installing software on your systems […] and never ‘Enable Content’ (macro scripting) in Microsoft Office documents received from new or untrusted sources.

Who are These Hackers?

The inception of crypto has seen a new breed of hackers coming up. They have increased in number and searching for weaknesses in the security of this nascent technology. One of the most popular groups for hacking is the Lazarus APT group from North Korea.

The Lazarus Group up to date has not been identified developing more fear in the industry.

Most memorable crypto exchanges hack by the Lazarus APT

According to a report, out of a possible number of 14 hacks, the Lazarus APT made up five hacks. The biggest one was Coincheck, a Japanese Crypto exchange. It lost $536 million worth of crypto to the hacker group. This incident reshaped the entire Japanese crypto market.

Additionally, Bithumb and Conrail lost huge amount of money due to hacks by the group. The hacks caused diplomatic incidents like finger-pointing parliamentary intelligence committees. North Korea allegedly stole crypto worth billions of won from the South Korean exchanges using the hackers.

A few weeks ago, DragonEX, based in Singapore, lost an undisclosed amount of crypto due to hacking.

Tools used for Hacking

According to reports, these hackers prefer old methods and tools including social engineering, malware, and spear-phishing to perpetrate these hacks.

In spite of the rise in technology and business security standards, crypto exchanges are not immune to cyber-attacks. For this reason, hackers have always come up with fresh tactics, such as in the case of the Lazarus APT.

It has become a problem whose permanent solution has not yet been identified. It causes FUD to businesses that trade crypto.

In your Opinion, do you think the fight with hackers will ever end?

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