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KIBIS, a blockchain-based company is looking to enable its customers to pay for bills and make purchases using cryptocurrencies. The company revealed plans to launch a global network of self-service kiosks that would make it easier for millions of people all over the world to pay for bills using cryptocurrencies. They will also be able to make purchases and have access to other financial services via the kiosks outlets.

With the help of the kiosks outlets, consumers will have the chance to pay for water and electricity, book airline tickets and check flight details using cryptos. The other services they will be able to pay for include subscription for Amazon Prime and Netflix. The company stated that the kiosks outlets will accept payment both in cash and in cryptocurrencies though it will only be available in permitted countries. They further added that more payment options will be added to the service over time.

To ensure that they reach millions of people all over the world, KIBIS is partnering with hundreds of mobile carrier and other companies. This will make it easier for customers to top up airtime and pay bills using their smartphones. The service will also enable customers to donate to charities without having to go through any stress. KIBIS is looking to boost cryptocurrency adoption all over the world, thus the main reason why it introduced a service that would enable customers to invest in gift cards for crypto exchanges.

Blockchain network to be used for transactions

The company stated transactions would be processed using a high-throughput blockchain network. They will also work an integrating an e-wallet payment network later in the future as they aim to provide more options for users. A sidechain connecting the blockchain to the Ethereum main network will be created to make the network scalable.

Aside from the transaction fees to be generated by kiosks outlets, KIBIS maintained that they will also be able to add two more revenue streams. Each kiosk would be able to accommodate an advert on its top page. With the footfall the machines are expected to enjoy all over the world, KIBIS is confident that they would be able to have high demand from businesses.

The company stated that a high-efficiency mining equipment will also be added to the machine, with each of them expected to enjoy access to a low-cost source of electricity. With time, these mining machines will be able to create a large mining pool in countries dotted all over the world. To make sure that energy is used for mining the most profitable cryptocurrency at any given time, KIBIS has inserted a multi-algorithm mining platform as it will help maximize return on investment.

This idea by KIBIS is a brilliant one as self-service kiosks are becoming popular all over the world. They are found dotted in regions such as the United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Russia, the United Kingdom, Azerbaijan and other countries in Eastern Europe.

KIBIS will launch a public presale starting December 10, with the event to be followed by a full ICO. By next year, the company is looking to start ordering the manufacture of the machines with their built-in mining equipment which will first be launched in the United Arab Emirates. The company will also embark on signing an agreement with locations where the kiosk machines will be placed. The company will also be launching a mining pool next year. By the end of the year, KIBIS will deploy the machines in Oman, with the customers also having access to the e-wallets by that time of the year.

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