Malaysia Rolls Out a Work Visa Program Targeting Blockchain Experts




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Malaysia has opened a work visa program that targets technology freelancers that are willing to work in the country for a short period. The nation aims to address the rising demand for blockchain talents through this program. A local news outlet report unveiled this information two days ago.

According to a report, the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) teamed up with the Nem Foundation and Jobbatical in this project dubbed “Digital Freelancer Programme”.

Each department and firm in this partnership would play a specific role. Nem would identify the needed talent, while Jobbatical would supply the workforce. Immigration would help approve the qualified individuals by offering them the PVP. On the other hand, MDEC would oversee the entire process.

This initiative seeks to attract foreign experts in the blockchain sector. If qualified, the blockchain professionals would have the right to stay in Malaysia for up to 12 months. During their stay, they would either provide blockchain-related services or train at a firm in the country.

Job Opportunities for Blockchain Experts

Norhizam Abdul Kadir, the MDEC growth ecosystem development vice president noted,

We will be kicking it (the program) off starting with Blockchain jobs. The number of Visas to be issued depends on the projects that will be run by blockchain companies in Malaysia.

Kadir added that they have already submitted the proposal papers to the Immigration Department and the Home Ministry.

Per Jasmine Ng, the CEO of Nem Malaysia, such a measure is poised to encourage tech tourism. As a result, the visiting talents would better the skills of the local workforce by working together.

Speaking about the number of job opportunities this initiative would create, Jasmine said that it narrows down to costs. This is because the program would have to pay the foreign workforce in US Dollars. She added that individuals with programming and blockchain skills would need higher salaries.

Prior to this, a publication revealed that the Nem Foundation created the NEM’s Blockchain Center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The facility sits on a 10,000 square foot piece of land. It would act as an accelerator, incubator, and co-working space. On top of this, the establishment houses the NEM Blockchain Innovation Lab.

Apart from the Digital Freelance Programme, Malaysia has another blockchain deal with a South Korean firm. A year ago, a Malaysian government committee signed an MoU with Incublock to develop the blockchain under Sharia law.

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