New President of Swiss Crypto Valley Association to bring change



New President of Swiss Crypto Association Promises Change in the Switzerland Blockchain Sector Crypto Heroes

The new president of the Swiss Crypto Valley Association (CVA) has promised to bring changes to the blockchain sector in the country. New president Daniel Haudenschild made this promise after pointing out that the bear market has impaired the country’s stand as one of the leading blockchain centers in the world.

Haudenschild to lure investors back to Switzerland

Haudenschild mentioned that he wishes to heal divisions and prevent Switzerland from losing any more countries to its major competitors in the blockchain space. Also, he expressed the desire to do as much as he can to lure back investors to the country. And, according to Haudenschild, the bear market has led to a wide gap in the capital of roughly multiple billions of francs. Therefore, many great innovators and investors in the blockchain sector can no longer work on any of their projects as there is little to no proper capital backing.

Furthermore, the new president also promised to make some changes to CVA’s mode of operation. He is also aiming to improve accountability, stating that “there will be a zero-tolerance approach to people who try to enrich themselves on the back of the CVA brand.”

Also, Haudenschild expressed the desire to make Switzerland the leading location for blockchain businesses and enterprises in the shortest time possible. He stated: “We need a change in our laws and [sic] that requires more interaction with lawmakers and regulators. We need to make Switzerland open and easy for companies to invest in blockchain projects.”

Finally, Haudenschild, who previously held the position of CEO at Swisscom’s blockchain advisory unit, feels he has more to offer to the future of cryptocurrency, especially in Switzerland. While the bear market might have affected numerous crypto and blockchain companies, Haudenschild is adamant that things will improve in Switzerland’s blockchain sector.

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