Norwegian Bitcoin Millionaire Jumps Off a Balcony While Fleeing from an Armed Burglar




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Norwegian Bitcoin millionaire

Norwegian courts are set to hear the case of an attempted robbery that saw a man jump off his balcony. A report unveiled this news on September 8, noting that the victim was a 40-year-old Bitcoin millionaire. Reportedly, he amassed his fortune of around $11.2 million after participating in the crypto market for a decade.

According to the report, this attempted robbery took place on May 14 this year. The assailant allegedly entered the victim’s housing block and rang the doorbell to his private apartment. On opening the door, the victim came face to face with a man holding a shotgun to his face.

Case Set for October 17 and 18

Per the indictment that the Oslo Attorney General Office drafted, the suspect threatened the victim saying, “Lie down, or I’ll shoot”.

The publication notes that the robber did not fire a single shot. It goes on to narrate that the bitcoin millionaire managed to escape by jumping off his second-floor balcony. He landed on the street below and it is still unknown whether he suffered any injuries while escaping.

The victim’s professional details are still unknown. However, sources believe that he is the general manager and owner of the board of an unnamed crypto business. The 40-year-old multi-millionaire became famous following his financial success in crypto.

In the report, the defendant’s lawyer, Benedikte Johansen said,

My client does not admit criminal charges after the indictment, but beyond that I do not want to comment.

Ellen Karine Aas, a police lawyer is set to bring this case into court on October 17 and 18. At the time of writing, local press had not succeeded in contacting her.

Before this news, a report unveiled that Indian police had arrested five men for torturing a Bitcoin businessman to death. All the suspects were from the state of Kerala. They believed that the businessman, who was the head of a failed $62 million investment scheme had defrauded investors. Per the report, they rented a house from which they tortured the businessman while trying to get his BTC wallet password. On discovering that he had died, they drove his body to a hospital parking lot and abandoned it there.

In another similar case, a Russian crypto investor and blogger suffered an attack by masked assailants. The 23-year-old crypto enthusiast had allegedly bragged of his crypto-derived wealth online before this attack. The robbers made away with $425,000 in cash after attacking him.

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