Opera Introduces Support for Bitcoin and TRON Blockchains to Its Crypto Wallet




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Opera adds support for BTC and TRX

Opera, a major web browser has unveiled the details of the beta version of its browser for Android (Version 53). According to the firm, it has added support for Bitcoin and TRON blockchains in this version.

In so doing, the company will let you send BTC and TRX and TRC10 tokens through its browser. It will also allow webpages to make transactions using BTC. Opera unveiled this news in a blog post on July 10.

According to the blog post, this move aims to make Web 3 more mainstream. Prior to adding support for BTC and TRX, Opera’s in-built crypto wallet only supported ethereum (ETH) and ERC tokens. Per Opera this step makes their wallet more inclusive to ensure their browsers are Web 3 ready.

Bitcoin and TRON Transactions on the Web

In the publication the firm noted,

With this release, Opera’s Android browser (beta) allows users to send and receive Bitcoin (BTC) and access their transaction history. Most importantly, we are including an experimental integration of Web 3, which makes it possible for websites to request and receive addresses and for users to make transactions with Bitcoin. Opera is bringing Bitcoin to Web 3, allowing you to use this cryptocurrency for transactions on the Web.

Speaking about TRON, Opera added,

TRON is a popular and quickly growing blockchain. With this release, Crypto Wallet in the Opera browser on Android (beta) will be displaying TRX and TRC10 token balances. It will also allow users to send and receive TRC10 and TRX tokens and access their transaction history.

Opera’s Web 3 Project

In December last year, Opera became the first leading web browser to integrate a native crypto wallet and Web 3 explorer. These features let the general public transact and interact with the blockchain-powered Internet of the future, also known as Web 3.

The initial launch targeted Android users. In April this year, the firm rolled out this initiative on its PC browser. Two months later, it introduced this functionality to the Opera Touch browser on iOS. Seeing that the service has a friendly user interface, it does not need any third-party browser extensions or wallet applications.

However, this project still has a lot of hurdles to face before it attains mass adoption. These include complex installation procedures and difficulty in acquiring crypto among others.

This news comes after a report unveiled Opera was working on integrating TRON in May this year. Per the report, this move would not only allow TRX transactions but also let the general public play TRON games. On top of this, this step would enable Opera users to access dApps (decentralized applications) within the browser.

Do you think Opera’s Web 3 initiative will become mainstream after adding support for BTC and TRX? Let us know in the comments below.