Opera’s android wallet now features crypto buying services



Opera Adds Crypto Buying Service to Android Wallet Crypto Heroes

Opera has released a crypto buying services feature that enables Android users to buy Ethereum’s ether (ETH) directly from its browser-based wallet, the company announced yesterday, February 6.

Opera partnered with regulated crypto brokerage Safello to provide the new service to its customers. The feature will make it possible for users to purchase ETH with credit and debit cards, in addition to some trusted payment networks, such as Swish in Sweden.

At the moment, ETH purchase via Opera Android wallet is only available to users in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Safello, which is registered with Sweden’s Financial Supervisory Authority, has been tasked with verifying the identity of users who made purchases using Sweden’s BankID and Denmark’s NemID citizens’ identity solutions, respectively.

According to Opera, topping up a wallet with ETH would take less than a minute. Charles Hamel, Opera’s crypt product lead, believes that the next important phase for the crypto space will come from usage. He added that for cryptocurrencies to attain wider adoption, they have to be easy to buy and use.

Opera also said that users in Sweden will get a 2.5 percent discount fee from Safello for a limited time, while users in Norway and Denmark will get a 5 percent discount fee.

Opera is looking to get more involved in the crypto space. In December 2018, the company launched its Web 3-ready Android web browser wallet. At the moment, the product supports ETH and other Ethereum-based ERC-20 tokens. In addition to that, the product supports crypto collectibles (ERC-721 standard) like CryptoKitties, and also Ethereum-based dApps.

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