Telegram Rolls Out the TON Testnet Blockchain Lite Client Officially



Telegram TON

Telegram, an encrypted instant messaging service has launched a test client for its Telegram Open Network (TON). The firm unveiled this information through files posted on its site. The file archive is a distribution of an initial version of the TON blockchain network. It also has the relevant sections of the TON blockchain library. The creation is a simplified, stable version of the Lite Client.

The files are available on

According to a report, the first version of the TON blockchain was uploaded on GitHub on May 25. The readme file on GitHub, the client establishes a connection with a full node of the TON blockchain if configured in the correct way. It then sends some queries to the node.

Other than installing the Lite Client itself, users can also download and install a configuration file for smart contract creation. This file connects the Lite Client to a special server. In so doing, the users will be able to develop new smart contracts and review the state of existing smart contracts. On top of this, they will be in a position to send external messages to smart contracts.

The Telegram Open Network uses a new programming language dubbed “Fift.” Through this language, developers will be able to compile, launch and debug smart contracts. Fift went live in the past week. Its main function is creating and managing TON blockchain smart contracts. The programming language would also interact with the TON Virtual Machine.

TON Set to Go Live in Q3 2019

In the past week, a report noted that Telegram will launch the Telegram Open Network (TON) in the third quarter of this year. This information surfaced after the firm purportedly sent an internal memo to its investors.

 In the alleged memo, Telegram said that a recent successful pilot “reaffirms our belief that the TON virtual machine and the TON … Byzantine consensus algorithm are capable of meeting the goals stated in the original white paper”.

Telegram reportedly rolled out a private beta testing of the TON blockchain in April. The firm opened the test to select global developers. The beta test did not provide any detailed results. However, two anonymous testers unveiled that the blockchain had an “extremely high transaction speed.” One of the testers added that specific indicators were unobtainable since the blockchain’s code was in the process of testing.

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