Tezos Foundation Appoints PwC’s Roman Schnider as Its New CFO and Head of Operations




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Tezos hires Roman Schnider

Roman Schnider, the co-founder of PwC’s blockchain project in Zug, Switzerland is leaving the firm for the Tezos Foundations. He will serve as Tezos’ chief financial officer (CFO) and head of operations. The Tezos Foundation made this announcement on June 11 via a press release.

According to the news release, Schnider will take on his new position at the beginning of this year’s summer. By hiring Roman, the Tezos Foundation Council has reinforced its operations team in Zug. This is because he is an experienced investment banker and assurance specialist.

Purportedly, Schnider already knows how the Tezos Foundation operates. Per Tezos, it was the first leading blockchain firm that had its finance and business operations audited by PwC.

Ryan Jesperson, the president of the Tezos Foundation noted,

As the foundation continues to provide resources to a growing Tezos ecosystem, the CFO and operations lead will be critical to our success. Roman’s experience makes him the ideal finance and operations specialist for our team. He is already familiar with the opportunities and challenges blockchain projects face and has a deep understanding of the Tezos Foundation from his time at PwC.

Schnider Leaves PwC After 15 Years

The release further notes that Schnider is leaving the Big Four firm after 15 years. At PwC, he worked in different positions around the globe. His primary focus was on investment banking. However, in 2016, he stepped out of his confines and launched the department for blockchain and crypto assurance at PwC Switzerland.

In the press release, Schnider stated,

I sincerely look forward to joining the Tezos Foundation,

Schnider added,

Together, we will work to serve and support the Tezos community in the most effective, efficient and transparent way possible.

Speaking about Fiole’s departure, Jesperson said,

We want to thank Eelco for his contribution to the development of the Foundation and wish him all the best,

This news comes just two weeks after a report unveiled that Tezos was close to undergoing its first token holder administered update. The firm reached this point after a three-month-long governance vote, which started on February 28.

Prior to this, Tezos became famous after raising $232 million worth of BTC and ETH two years ago. However, it took the firm a whole year to launch its network after facing internal disagreements and class-action lawsuits.

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