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You Can Now Send Bitcoin Tips Over Lightning on Twitter Crypto Heroes

A Lightning Network (LN) platform Tippin launched a Chrome Extension for Google browser users that would enable them to send Bitcoin payments on Twitter. The company released the feature on Saturday, February 16, with the aim of making BTC transaction feasible at a large scale for its users.

You can send BTC using Tippin extension

Tippin announced the launch of the Chrome Extension on its official Twitter handle.

Tippin is a platform aiming to boost LN adoption, and give users a simple web custodial wallet to receive and manage BTC through Lightning Network.

The platform enables people to receive tips and micropayments everywhere using their LN wallet. Tippin is still unpopular in the crypto world, but with the new extension, the company expects to make BTC transaction achievable at a large scale and boost growth.

Tippin believes that small payments remain one of Bitcoin’s selling points, an idea previously adopted by the now-defunct Bitcoin app ChangeTip. Tippin, however, wants to make it easy for people to send micropayments using Bitcoin. All a user needs to utilize this new feature is to install the Tipping extension on Google Chrome browser and have a Twitter account. Once the extension is enabled, a small lightning bolt symbol will be visible inside every tweet next to the popular “like” and “retweet” symbols.

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms for crypto users, and Tippin hopes to take advantage of that to drive growth. Tippin engineer, Sergio Abril, believes the platform will become incredibly popular with Lightning Network since it is the first time users can send a small amount of BTC at almost no cost.

Although Tippin started as a side project to help push Bitcoin adoption, Abril is planning to expand the app to include support on other social media platforms. At the moment, the app is custodial, meaning users do not have full control over their funds as this makes it easier to use, according to Abril.

He, however, has plans to implement non-custodial options. “Of course, the lightning network itself is still in beta, so we have time to make this happen until it’s fully ready,” he added.

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