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Crypto Heroes Blockshow Asia four best projects

On Blockshow Asia 2018, many exciting startups had a chance to present themselves and their ideas. Even though each of them had a fascinating story to tell, four stood out for being innovative, creative, and simply different.  Let’s have a look at them.

The Art of Blockchain

The Art of Blockchain

Elegant and ironic about finance, politics, jurisprudence, society. A place where you can find yourself beyond the verges of the real world: in painting and sculpture, augmented and virtual reality, media, and science art. The Art of Blockchain is a collection of art objects, in which romanticism and aesthetics of the high-tech world of finance open up.

Their exhibit was one of a kind; dark and yet colorful, loud and yet quiet. The ambiance was unique. As a visitor, you were transported to another world. It offered a creative world in the midst of the blockchain world. The room included art about monopoly and intrigue, incompetence and bribes, egocentrism, greed, fraud, and speculation. And the cherry on top: deep mystical music and black light projectors which not only make the letters on the wall glow but also the white shirts on the visitors.

Blochshow Asia Project 1

The Art of Blockchain’s first piece of art is called the Crypto Mother, maybe also because it launched their project. After having introduced it to the public, it had a value of 6 million U.S. dollars but was not sold by the founders. They had bigger plans with their Crypto Mother. Eventually, the goal is to send this piece into space and tokenize it after its return to planet Earth. 49% will go to the market; the remaining will belong to the creators. They hope to make this piece the next Mona Lisa.

Today, The Art of Blockchain has approximately 26 pieces of art, 14 of which have been sold. And many more are to come. The art pieces were sold for cryptocurrencies. Currently, the selling of one piece starts at 5,000 dollars. In a way, you have a work of art in your wallet.

But their idea does not end here. Their future projects include street art, crypto-jewelry, cyber fashion with the first augmented reality, and digital art. After the motto: “everything is art.” They’ll be on tour all of next year. So follow them on social media to see what they’re up to.



Strolling through rows of exceptional stands, it is impossible to ignore the colorful robot from the future. Bright and always in a good mood, the robot leads visitors to Honeybox’ booth. He too, stood out of the gloomy crowd with his bright yellow honeycombs.

The Honeybox personal internet security device is a consumer electronics product that plugs into your existing ethernet-enabled router to block promotional, irrelevant, and malicious content from ever loading on your network across all connected devices such as your PC, your phone, or the smart TV. The native HNY token is used to authenticate secure data packets over the blockchain, and to incentivize consumers for use.

The device can be bought for roughly 60 US-Dollars. If one would want to remove the blocking, they receive Honeybox’ currency in exchange. Its token is called HNY and is a stellar token; an open-source, decentralized protocol for digital currency to fiat currency transfers which allows cross-border transactions between any combination of cryptocurrencies. In other words, HNY is cheaper, faster, and can do one thousand operations per second. The tokens are an added layer to this security network.

Honeybox contains an ever-growing “blacklist” that allows you to manage access yourself. In that sense, it is not classical. The best thing about this device is that it enables every consumer to control which ads, viruses, or spying software should be listed on the blacklist and which shouldn’t. Moreover, one can self-manage who from this blacklist can have access to their device. It is thus very consumer-friendly.


Smart Medi

In the midst of a sea of suits, funny printed t-shirts and disguises, SmartMedi’s snow-white medical gowns immediately caught the eye at the event. What first looked like a science project à la Einstein, turned out to be an innovative medical blockchain.

SmartMedi is one of South Korea’s medical big data platform. It offers the patients data ownership, meaning that they can control their data. As you may have heard, discussions have been circulating about hospitals using patient’s medical data without their consent.

With SmartMedi only you have the permission to give your data to other hospitals and/or pharmaceutical companies. You have hold of a key to these data, allowing you to choose who can enter through the door to your data and who cannot.

infograph SmartMedi Crypto Heroes

Additionally, the SmartMedi reduces unnecessary tests and costs because your data is already saved on the blockchain. Doctors and hospitals will add new results and diagnosis to your report – with your permission.

The start-up is trying to establish itself in South Korea first. But they plan to expand worldwide. The founders are at home in the medical world. Some are medical doctors; others are nurses. So they have experience in this field. The company makes win out of the smart contracts between companies interested in your data (such as pharmaceutical companies and hospitals) and you.

Blockchain Cuties

Blockchain Cuties

Can you imagine a sweet, fluffy, colorful pet in the blockchain world? Well, we couldn’t either. But get this: We were as surprised as you will be. These pets immediately locked us into their spell. Their bright, dreamy eyes triggered an Awww effect the moment you saw them. You just had to follow them to their stand.

Blockchain Cuties is the new collectible crypto game with adventures where you get to play with puppies, lizards, bear cubs, cats and other real and fantasy creatures alike. You can collect them, breed them, test their skills in battles, arm them and even level them up! Each cutie, which is an ERC-721 token, can be transferred or sold to other players just like a regular cryptocurrency. Moreover, each cutie is unique.

Founded in December 2017 in Latvia, Blockchain Cuties was inspired by CryptoKitties and the like. The founders themselves come from a classical background of game development. Coming from this background, they have realized that there is more to traditional games. Community Manager of Blockchain Cuties, Max Ksen, said: “CryptoKitties made obvious that people play crypto games!”


After buying the pet, players can choose to play without making further payments. They can level up without losing or gaining money. On the other hand, they can combine fun with business and earn financial gain by leveling up or selling the pets. If they do choose to sell them, the Blockchain Cuties receive 4% dividends.

Currently, there are 300 active players. But thousands of people belong to its community. At the moment, the pets are still cheap on the market — one pet costs around 0.1 Ether, which at the moment is roughly 11,817 US-Dollars.  So if you’re interested, here’s a little tip: Buy them now, as their price will increase.

Blockchain Cuties have a podcast called PawedCast which airs every Thursday for an hour and a half. The podcast is a “developer’s diaries,” as they like to call it. They are not the kind of developers that hide behind closed doors. On the contrary, they have discussions with the players; they give feedback, discuss new things, and shed light on some technical questions. Moreover, they invite different guests and have interviews with Blockgaming VIPs such as Beni from CryptoKitties or the Crypto Hulk.

Looking at these “standing-out” projects, we could write an entire blog about each of them. But we’ll leave some stories untold and some things to be unfolded by you. Make sure you visit their websites or social media to learn more about them.