Tron Set to Launch Its New Sun Network This Week; Promises Unlimited Capacity




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Tron set to launch Sun Network

The Tron network is geared to roll out a new product this week. Dubbed “Sun Network,” the product is the first version of Tron’s (TRX) scalability solution. Justin Sun, Tron’s CEO announced this news on August 4 noting that the network would go live on August 10.

Per the announcement, the first version of the network would allow 100 times scalability. In addition to this, it would let developers DApps on sidechains. 

Introducing 100x Scalability on The Tron Blockchain

Justin Sun tweeted,

#SUNNetwork will release version 1.0 on August 10th as one of #TRON’s 100X scalability solutions. The V1.0 will allow Dapp developers to use 1.0 code to build their side chain and TRON to build a Dapp chain. BUIDL! Slowly but surely!

According to Sun Network’s official website,

Sun Network Plan is an expansion plan for TRON main network ecosystem, including smart contract application oriented side chain(DAppChain), cross-chain communication and other expansion projects. DAppChain is a customizable side chain expansion project related to TRON smart contracts which allow DApps to run with extremely low energy consumption, high security, and high efficiency online operation. Sun Network is also designed to provide unlimited capacity for TRON main network to support the growing number of transactions.

DAppChain Features

Per Sun Network’s site, the new sidechain would have several features that improve the Tron main network. These include,

  • Higher free energy limit. The trading pressure on the DAppChain would not affect the main network. It would provide a higher free energy limit and all transactions on it would be free.
  • Cheaper unit price for energy burning. Setting the energy unit price to be 1/100 or lower would offer developers a low-cost app creation experience.
  • Faster consensus. Through DAppChain developers can adjust parameters, speeding up the block creation process, minimize the number of witnesses, and speed up the confirmation process of transactions.
  • Complete ecosystem. The Sun Network will provide a wide-ranging set of development tools that are compatible with the main network. This would help cut the learning costs of developers while improving efficiency.
  • Increased security for users’ assets
  • Longer smart contract execution time limit

Furthermore, the site notes that,

Sun Network is also designed to provide unlimited capacity for TRON main network to support the growing number of transactions.

This news comes after the Chinese CCID Research Institute published its list of top 37 crypto coins in terms of technology. According to the ranking results, TRX came third after EOS and ETH. While BTC is the leading coin in terms of market cap, the CCID placed it in the 11th position regarding tech progression.

Do you think the news of launching the Sun Network will have a positive impact on TRX’s price? Let us know in the comments below.