US Army Searches for Blockchain Experts that Can Trace Bitcoin in Real-time




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US Army searches for blockchain experts

The US Army Contracting Command (ACC) of New Jersey is in search of crypto investigation service providers. The ACC posted a pre-solicitation notice on July 25, stating that it was not a request for proposal or request for quote. As such, the notice and the ACC’s responses do not bind the government to solicit or award a contract.

Per the post, the US Army Criminal Investigation Command (USACIDC) is seeking a crypto analytics solution. This division of the Army would use this solution in probing crimes and other missions. The notice detailed that the contractor must be in a position to offer a cloud-based, online service. This service should be able to help law enforcement in identifying and tracing bad actors that use crypto. These include fraudsters, extortionists, and money launderers.

The contractor should also be able to provide the source of the illicit crypto transactions.  On top of this, they should be in a position to offer multi-currency analysis on BTC and other top crypto coins.

Requirements of the Crypto-tracking System

Apart from being web-based, the notice outlined that the crypto-tracking system must,

  • Provide real-time Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency transaction tracing, to include service attribution and identification
  • Be able to spot transaction patterns and interactions with other entities
  • Have some type of visualization and/or link analysis tool to facilitate analysis of data
  • Be capable of exporting graphs and generate reports as a CSV, pdf, or image file -The service should be 28 CFR Part 23 compliant.
  • Contain training materials.
  • Provide technical helpdesk support to Government users during business hours Monday – Friday.
  • Have a system uptime of 99.7%
  • Be accessible to the Government user 24 hours/7 days/365days per year.

This news comes as governments across the globe continue investing in the blockchain sector. In the past year, a report unveiled that US government agencies had tripled their investments in blockchain intelligence firms. Per the publication, New York-based Chainalysis won most of these contracts having signed deals totaling $5.3 million in that year.

This August, a publication revealed that the US Air Force had signed a new deal with Simba Chain, a smart contract startup. The Air Force also secured another contract with Constellation, a blockchain data management firm. These deals would see the Air Force use the blockchain for its supply chains and data management.

Do you think the US government’s growing interest in the blockchain will see it hasten the process of coming up with clear crypto policies? Let us know in the comments below.