WordPress’s news publishing platform to offer blockchain features



WordPress’s news publishing platform to offer blockchain features Crypto Heroes

WordPress has launched a new publishing platform that will offer blockchain features to users. The publishing platform backed by Google, Ethereum development studio ConsenSys and more will come with blockchain tools available for publishers.

According to the announcement, the new platform, Newspack by, is aimed at small- and medium-sized news organizations. WordPress describes the platform as inexpensive. The company stated that “With many local news organizations struggling to find sustainable models for journalism, we’re seeing a need for an inexpensive platform that provides the technology and support that lets news organizations build their businesses and focus on what they do best — providing critical reporting for their communities. Our hope with Newspack is to give them a platform where they can continue to focus on what they do best, while we focus on providing world-class technology and support across their editorial and business operations.”

WordPress revealed that Google led the funding of this project, committing 1.2 million USD to the cause. ConsenSys meanwhile contributed 350,000 USD while the Lenfest Institute for Journalism and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation invested 400’000 USD and 250’000 USD, respectively.

WordPress urged news organizations interested in being part of the pilot launch to visit their site for more information.

A ConsenSys representative during an interview with CoinDesk on Wednesday confirmed the investment. The representative revealed that newsrooms accessing Newspack would have the chance to use blockchain-based features. The features will be made available by Civil Media. The publish product offered by Civil will be installed as a plugin on the WordPress platform and enables newsrooms to archive content on decentralized networks.

The representative stated that “The plugin will also act as a portal that will walk newsrooms through how to join the Civil Registry, the hub of community-vetted and -approved newsrooms.” He added that Civil would also offer access to a “discovery portal” to aid consumers to find relevant news.

Civil had faced challenges in the past but became popular after assisting a news site archive a full article on the Ethereum blockchain last month. In August, Associated Press revealed that it would collaborate with the company on content licenses built on blockchain technology.

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